Moosend vs tinyEmail: A Comprehensive Email Marketing Tool Comparison (2023)

Numerous email marketing tools claim to be the best for your needs. With so many options, how do you choose? Moosend and tinyEmail, two promising market players, are compared here.

By comparing their features, prices, and capabilities, this blog post will help you choose. This Moosend vs tinyEmail comparison will help you communicate with your audience, whether you’re a small business, an established enterprise, or an individual.

Pricing, features, user interface, customer support, and more will be covered in the following sections. So buckle up for an in-depth look at these email marketing giants.

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With this comprehensive review, you’re one step closer to finding a tool that meets your needs. So let’s get started!

User Experience Showdown: Moosend vs tinyEmail

Easy-to-use platforms boost productivity and efficiency in today’s fast-paced digital world. Let’s compare Moosend and tinyEmail.

Moosend: User-Friendly with Intuitive Design

Simple and intuitive, Moosend’s UI is famous. The platform’s well-organized menu and clean design make navigation easy. Moosend makes email campaigns and automation workflows easy for novices. The Moosend app makes campaign management mobile.

tinyEmail: Simplicity Meets Versatility

tinyEmail’s basic design emphasises functionality and efficiency. For simplicity-lovers, the platform’s layout is streamlined and straightforward to use. tinyEmail’s future shows a commitment to improve user experience, keeping its interface current and user-friendly.

Verdict: A Tie on User Experience

Moosend’s interface is more intuitive, but tinyEmail’s is simpler. Personal preference determines which to choose. Moosend’s UI is more graphic and intuitive. If you like simplicity and clean design, tinyEmail may be right for you.

We’ll compare these platforms’ features in the next part to better understand how they can meet your email marketing needs.

Email Aesthetics Battle: Moosend vs tinyEmail

Your email design attracts readers. Let’s compare Moosend vs tinyEmail‘s template designs and variety.

With pre-designed templates, Moosend simplifies email design. Their templates cover a range of business needs, from professional to creative. Their easy-to-use email editor lets you customise templates for your brand.

moosend gallery of pre designed templates

tinyEmail: Customization Meets Simplicity

tinyEmail emphasises simplicity, unlike Moosend. Moosend has more templates, but it’s more customizable. tinyEmail’s robust editor lets users design their own emails from scratch, giving them a unique look.

tinyemail gallery of pre designed templates

Verdict: Depends on Your Design Needs

Moosend’s rich gallery of pre-designed templates wins in template design and variety. If customization is your top priority, tinyEmail’s simple but adaptable templates can help.

To help you optimise email marketing, we’ll look at both platforms’ automation capabilities.

Automation Capabilities: Moosend vs tinyEmail

Email marketing automation can change the game. Let’s compare tinyEmail vs Moosend

Moosend: Automation at its Best

Moosend makes automating email sequences easy. Its automation builder makes sending triggered emails based on subscriber actions easy. Moosend can automatically email subscribers who abandon their shopping carts.

moosend automation dashboard

tinyEmail: Simplified Automation

tinyEmail has good automation features, but Moosend has more. Welcome emails and inactive subscriber follow-up emails can be automated. Its automation features are simple to set up and use.

tinyemail automation flow

Verdict: Moosend Takes the Lead

Moosend’s advanced automation may be better for your email marketing strategy if automation is important. tinyEmail is good for simplicity and ease of use.

Let’s compare Moosend and tinyEmail‘s analytics and reporting next.

Analytics and Reporting: Measure Your Success

Optimising your email campaign requires knowing its performance. Analytics and reporting are available in both platforms. Moosend vs tinyEmail, how do they compare?

Moosend: Comprehensive Analytics

Moosend’s analytics let you track open rate, click-through rate, and bounce rate. User activity, such as which emails are opened, who opens them, and which links are clicked, can be monitored.

Moosend’s advanced reporting lets you see which emails generate sales, helping you identify successful strategies.

moosend reporting dashboard

tinyEmail: Clear and Concise Reporting

tinyEmail provides simple, clear reporting. It provides open, click, and unsubscribe rates. If you’re running simple campaigns, you can get a quick overview of your email performance.

tinyemail dashboard

Verdict: It’s a Matter of Preference

Moosend’s analytics are more detailed, but not every business needs them. tinyEmail may be better for straightforward metrics.

Stay tuned for customer support and how these tools help users.

Customer Support: Moosend vs tinyEmail

Customer support should be considered while selecting an email marketing platform. Are they responsive and helpful when you have issues? See how Moosend vs tinyEmail perform.

Moosend: Comprehensive Support

Email assistance is available 24/7 from Moosend. They offer live chat during business hours for immediate assistance. Their website has video courses, webinars, and a large information library for self-learners.

moosend customer support

tinyEmail: Personalized Help

tinyEmail excels at personalised support. Their customer care crew is friendly and quick to resolve concerns. To help users solve frequent issues, their Help Centre has a thorough FAQ and many articles.

tinyemail customer support

Verdict: Equal Footing

Customer service is good at Moosend and tinyEmail. tinyEmail’s quick response times and personalised approach make it a worthy contender to Moosend’s 24/7 service.

We’ll discuss each platform’s merits and cons next. Continue reading to find out which platform wins.

Pros and Cons: Moosend vs tinyEmail

Moosend vs tinyEmail‘s pros and cons will be discussed here. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each platform.

pros and cons of tinyemail and moosend

Moosend: A Powerful Contender


Moosend’s easy-to-use interface, powerful email editor, and various templates make it a popular choice. For newcomers, the platform’s free plan is a good deal. Its robust automation features streamline email marketing procedures.


Moosend lacks advanced functionality compared to other platforms. Some users may dislike the lack of 24/7 customer assistance.

tinyEmail: The Underdog Worth Noticing


tinyEmail‘s simplicity and support make it stand out. Even beginners may set up campaigns with its easy, uncomplicated interface. tinyEmail’s inexpensive pricing also appeals to small enterprises and startups.


tinyEmail’s template variety can be improved. For sophisticated users, the lack of more elaborate automation tools may be a drawback.

Verdict: Balance is Key

Your business’s priorities determine whether to choose Moosend or tinyEmail. If you’re a novice searching for a simple platform with good principles, Moosend may be ideal for you. tinyEmail is a good option for startups and small businesses searching for inexpensive pricing and great customer service.

Now lets move on and explore Pricing

Pricing: Finding Value for Your Money

It’s crucial to choose a budget-friendly email marketing platform with a decent feature set. Moosend and tinyEmail offer multiple pricing plans for different purposes and budgets.

Moosend Pricing

Free, Pro, and Enterprise are Moosend’s price options. The Free plan is ideal for small businesses and startups. Landing pages and transactional emails are included in the Pro plan, which starts at a modest price that increases with your email list.

Moosend offers an Enterprise subscription with premium assistance for enterprises who need customised solutions.

moosend pricing

tinyEmail Pricing

Your email list size determines tinyEmail‘s cost. For long-term users, tinyEmail’s lifetime deal is great value. They also offer a roadmap with features that could boost your investment.

tinyemail pricing

Which One Provides Better Value?

When it comes to the Moosend vs tinyEmail pricing, both platforms have very competitive pricing. The option relies on your budget and business needs.

Up next we’ll compare both User Feedback and real Reviews

User Feedback & Reviews: Real Users, Real Opinions

When assessing digital solutions like email marketing platforms, user reviews are essential. They give firsthand accounts of the software’s pros and cons.

moosend vs tinyemail reviews

Moosend User Reviews

Moosend’s simplicity and comprehensive capabilities are praised by most users. Users seem to say “Yes” when asked “Is Moosend good?” They like the platform’s user-friendly UI and several templates. However, some customers have requested more complex functionality in future releases.

tinyEmail User Reviews

Moosend reviews are positive, as are tinyEmail reviews. tinyEmail’s lifetime deal is affordable and reliable, and users like the platform. tinyEmail’s customer support and roadmap updates are praised. Some people demand more template variation, though.

Who wins?

Both platforms have pros and cons, thus user reviews make it difficult to choose. Your business’s priorities should guide your decision.

In our final thoughts, we’ll be summarizing all these aspects to help you make the most informed choice between Moosend and tinyEmail. So, let’s proceed to wrap up our comparison.

Wrapping Up: Moosend vs tinyEmail – Who Wins?

Your email marketing needs determine whether you choose Moosend or tinyEmail. Both platforms provide capabilities that might help you develop your business and improve your email marketing.

Moosend has an easy-to-use interface, several templates, and powerful automation tools. Moosend may be the tool for you if you want numerous functionality and ease of use.

However, tinyEmail’s cost, substantial features, and good customer service make it a terrific choice for organisations looking to invest in their marketing toolset long-term. Its lifetime contract is an enticing selling pitch.

The right tool for you is up to you. Before choosing, try their free samples or demonstrations to get a sense for each platform.

moosend vs tinyemail weighing scale

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This comparative guide should aid your email marketing solution search. The correct email marketing tool can improve your marketing outcomes. Pick wisely!


What is Moosend?

Moosend is a powerful email marketing and automation tool that streamlines campaigns, tracks effectiveness, and increases client interaction.

Is Moosend free?

Moosend offers a free tier with email campaigns and sign-up forms. Landing pages and priority support demand an upgrade to their paying programmes.

How do I use Moosend?

After signing up for Moosend’s website, you can use your dashboard to develop and deliver email campaigns, set up automations, design landing pages, and manage subscriber lists. Moosend offers thorough tutorials and guidelines to help get started.

How much does Moosend cost?

Moosend has multiple price points. The Pro plan starts at $10 per month, while the Enterprise package is customised to your needs. Your subscription list determines the price.

Who founded Moosend?

Yannis Psarras and Panos Melissaropoulos are Moosend’s co-founders and helped build the company into a respected SaaS marketing automation platform. Moosend was acquired by Sitecore, a digital experience management software company, in May 2021. After the acquisition, Psarras and Melissaropoulos joined Sitecore and oversaw the integration of Moosend’s technology.

What is tinyEmail?

Email campaigns, automation, and subscriber management are offered by tinyEmail, another email marketing solution. Its simple interface and low prices make it popular.

How does tinyEmail compare to Moosend?

tinyEmail and Moosend include extensive email marketing options. tinyEmail is known for its low pricing plans, while Moosend is known for its user-friendly interface and feature depth.

Is there a tinyEmail lifetime deal?

tinyEmail occasionally offers lifetime promotions, giving consumers lifelong access to their software for a one-time payment. For information on similar incentives, visit their website or sign up for their email.

How can tinyEmail help my business?

tinyEmail’s straightforward design and extensive email marketing features may help you develop efficient email campaigns, track their performance, and boost subscriber engagement, all of which assist grow your business.

Can I integrate other tools with Moosend?

Moosend integrates with common eCommerce platforms, CRM systems, and marketing tools

Does Moosend offer customer support?

Moosend supports customers via email and live chat. Your subscription plan determines support.

Who are Moosend’s main competitors?

tinyEmail, MailChimp, and ActiveCampaign are good alternatives to Moosend. Each is geared to distinct business demands and has its own capabilities.

Can I use Moosend for transactional emails?

Moosend allows businesses to send transactional emails to customers.

Does Moosend offer automation features?

Yes, Moosend has powerful marketing automation tools that let you set up processes and triggers to automatically send emails based on subscriber behaviour.

Is Moosend suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Moosend’s easy UI and user-friendly design make it a great alternative for email marketing beginners.

Can I create landing pages with Moosend?

Yes, Moosend’s Pro and Enterprise plans include a landing page builder for creating engaging and effective campaign landing pages.

How can I cancel my Moosend subscription?

By going to your account settings and following a few simple steps, you can cancel your Moosend subscription.

What is Moosend’s deliverability rate?

Due to its solid ISP agreements and anti-spam procedures, Moosend has a high delivery rate. The actual rates depend on the quality of your campaign and subscriber list.

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